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“ Right you are looking at one of the most important systems you can get for your business. We are revealing to you our very own REAL funnel. The one we use everyday to take cold traffic, warm them, then convert them to collect the cash.
How Would You Like to Literally Talk to Clients only AFTER They Become Clients? How Is That Possible? Because Our Funnel Is So DIALED In that We CONVERT Them- These are B2B Sales for Our High End Software... Our Funnel (That's Why We Call It The Real World Client Funnel) Just Flat Out Works... Now You Can Take Advantage of Our Months of Hard Work! 
Mike and I are including THE ROADMAP...
Flowcharts of our entire marketing automation engine ( there are about 20 funnels that feed into the main campaigns)
The code in Javascript so you can track everything to ensure no funnel leakage
All of the necessary tags and triggers and their definitions as well as a detailed roadmap laying everything out- you literally have all the logic, and sequencing done for you,!
" We spent MONTHS developing and fine-tuning this campaign designed to run cold traffic, warm them, and convert them. "
profile-photos-transFrom the desk of
Mike Jones and Gloria Gunn

Hi! My name is Gloria Gunn. I'm the co-owner of a software company called ConnectDingo together with my partner, Mike Jones. You can see his picture up above on the left. We create awesome software that helps our clients and customers build automated online businesses. Our software is designed with two things in mind--ease of use and automated money making.

With that being said, let me tell you about this mega funnel, and why we decided to release it

Our Real World Mega Funnel and Why We Decided to Release it: Our business is growing like wildfire, and about two years ago, we introduced and brought to market our powerhouse Social Media Automation software. A lot has happened in those few years, and we made the business decision to completely automate what we used to do manually- pre-qualify,  build rapport and trust, get them to qualify in or out, then sell them.  (you see in order to scale BIG, we realized that we had to have the funnel do all the heavy lifting for us).

Here's the problem: We have the demand and our software works like gangbusters,  BUT we don't have the time nor the inclination to do all of the pre-qualification, warming, building rapport, and asking for the sale personally. (After all, we are a software automation company:)

Both Mike and I dug in and went to work beginning in February, dug in, went into hiding, and developed this custom funnel. Our funnel took a ton of work. We had to define the entire process from end to end, automate it, custom code parts of it, QC test it, test it for conversions, then turn it loose.

We have had TONs of people asking about our Sales and Marketing Engine, what we use, how we do it, etc. It was because of this, we decided to do something unheard of.

Why Mike and Gloria decided to release our entire sales and marketing engine: We decided to release our sales and marketing engine because first and foremost, we used to have the time to develop and sell very useful software at a really affordable price point. (Think Viewermatic and LinkedIn Profile Writer). Now that we are busy with ConnectDingo, we literally don't have the time to develop that high quality, but reasonable software any longer:( 

As most of you know, we don't sell crap, don't work in theories, and don't hold back. We wanted to pass on our knowledge in the hopes some would take it and run with it because this is a 7-8 figure funnel.

Bottom Line - Here's the deal - Because we want everyone to get real, high qualify, works in real life automation- We are opening the barn doors and revealing our REAL sales and marketing engine.  You see, Mike and I don't believe in scarcity, we believe in plenty and in giving back. That's why we are not letting you just peek under the hood, but rather giving you a detailed roadmap of our funnel mapped out for you...
If you want to have access to all of the parts and components to our complete Sales and Marketing engine you can fill with traffic and pop out paying clients/customers, Then get the Real World Client Funnel...
What happens when you get your sales and marketing down to a predictable pipeline, completely automated? You Scale...You Have Freedom...
Get The Real World Client Funnel Now  for the Stupid Low Price of $47
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Secure Your Copy of
The Real World Client Funnel 
and Let This Real World, Converting Cash Cow Get all The Clients For You!
Lets Recap
Now, Here's how The Real World Client Funnel works and how you make money. The Real World Client Funnel includes the actual funnel from end to end. This means that you don't have to figure stuff out, do the hard core testing to see what works and what doesn't. You don't have to waste your time with a funnel that was put together as a theory, but this is real- we use it, we tested it, it converts. You still have to tweak and test it to work in your CRM, But it is all there, just unpack, hand it over to a developer ( if you are not technical) and get it working for you. 
The Real World Client Funnel Comes with all this-No Stone is Left Un-turned!
Here is what you get when you purchase The Real world Client Funnel... 
  • Over 20 Flowcharts Detailing our Entire System
  • All Marketing Engines Require Tagging, our system has a ton of tags so there is no leakage. We give you all of our tags, their purposes so you can just recreate them in your system. 
  • In addition to the tagging, all Marketing Automation platforms require triggers that literally "trigger" the automation to occur. We have included our triggers, and what campaigns they go to and what they trigger. Again, all you have to do is include in your CRM. 
  • QA Spreadsheet Mindmap that gives you a complete relational diagram of how all of the pieces fit together...
  • A campaign builder how to guide so you track everything. This is where you identify leakages. This helps turn your funnel into a predictable science.
  • In addition All of this video training comes with it...
  • Video 1- Real World Client Funnel- Flowcharts explained: We take you behind the curtain and show you how the campaign fits together and how these smaller campaigns feed into the main campaign for literally automated sales.
  • Video 2- Real World Client Funnel Tags and their definitions explained- This seems like a small deal, but its huge because if you don't have those components of the funnels defined correctly, it will all go on. In marketing automation- the devil is in the details...
  • Video 3- Triggers and their definitions for The Real World Client Funnel Explained- Again seems so small but what actually triggers the automation? When does it get triggered at what point? How do these triggers relate to the automation campaigns? These are all questions that get answered in Video 3.
  • Video 4- The Ins and Outs of the QA spreadsheet- This is the total blueprint laid out. Gloria details this "big picture" and brings it home on how to conduct a QA and test your funnel which is critical to make sure its all operational.
  • Video 5- This is the BIGGIE. This is the total over the shoulder of Mike for 90 minutes while he reveals our funnel and shows you everything under the hood! This is the glue, we have given you all the components, explained how to apply them, now in this webinar Mike shows you how we apply it. I am not kidding when I say take this and the Real World Client Funnel, hand it over to your developer to get sorted for you.
As you can See, You get everything you need, it's literally the entire enchilada!  When You Purchase The Real World Client Funnel You Get the System, the code and All the Training you Need ...
Let's Just Summarize of What you Get-
You will get our personally developed sales and marketing funnel -Think of it like this- You are on a trip and on the trip you are required to make very specific stops at very specific locations for very specific times- Would you do it WITHOUT the route, all detours, stops, an traffic jams mapped out for you? No of course not, and its the same with our funnel, You can figure all of this yourself, or you can take all of our knowledge and application and use it for your own benefit-It is really our hope and desire that you use The Real World Client Funnel to build a huge business

- Mike Jones & Gloria Gunn
Once you purchase, you’ll get an email from our membership site ( Open that email and login to the members area where all the downloadables and training videos are.
Because this is really our intellectual property, and because we are letting this go at such a low price to give back and make sure you get something that really works, and because we are giving you our entire funnel as downloadables, there is NO 7 day guarantee. Bottom line, if its not for you- then pass. It's all good, we will just continue driving traffic and making sales with it.
You can and you should! Those come blank, as in they don't come with DFY funnels. There is still the need to plan, design, develop, customize, test, implement, and test some more. We have done all the hard work for you.
Short answer no. And truthfully if that is what you are looking for, this is NOT that. The Real World Client Funnel is Mike and Gloria's tested and custom funnel that has all of the components handed to you. You just have to implement.
If you are technically minded, you should be able to figure stuff out as long as you understand how marketing automation works. If you are not technically minded, just hand it over to a developer to implement into your CRM. Think of it this way, we are giving you the engine, all you have to do is put it in the car, make sure it fits, works, and drive.
Good question- You can! The problem is, if you start from scratch, its going to cost you time to figure it all out, money in probably hiring technical help and it still not even right ( I have seen that many times), think about it- this took us 3 months of development time. You get to save all that time and implement and parlay our hard work!
Good question! I want to be very clear- The Real World Client Funnel is NOT a DFY funnel you can just download and start sending traffic to out of the box- That stuff only goes so far. For a truly great marketing automation funnel, you have to plan ,design, develop, test and improve AND there is a lot of time and money involved. We have spent the last 4 months in hiding doing all of this with this funnel. We are giving you all of our hard work development time, code, flowcharts, maps, definitions, tags, triggers, so all you have to do is take what we have done, apply it to your marketing automation funnel for a truly great, high dollar funnel.
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