Your A to Z Hand Holding Step By Step System Gloria & Mike Uses for Our Core Out Bound Marketing Funnels

PF TY from Mike Jones on Vimeo.

Don't Miss Out On This Proven Cold to Warm Funnel...
It Took Me Months To Figure This Out- Eliminate the Learning Curve; I Give It All Up So You Can Get Rolling With a Crazy Effective Out Bound Marketing Funnel:

1 - Mike and I are going to give you a proven converting messaging sequence which takes a cold email thru a warming process for your Out Bound Marketing Funnel
2 - This Power Funnel is Designed to Take The Cold Emails Generated From the Power Scraper and Move them Thru a Warming Sequence to Build Trust.
3 - You'll Get my Step by Step (Literally I mean Step by Step) Checklist so you don't miss a thing when setting up your Power Funnel
4 - My Detailed Process Flow Training on Exactly WHAT to Do When- Again Eliminating the Learning Curve is Huge
5 - A Second set of messages for this multi-Pronged Funnel (You will see why this is important based on this very effective funnel strategy)
6 - Complete training delivered via webinar (on Thursday, May 12th) on how to Plan, Set up, Implement, Test, and Deploy your Power Funnel

Note: Don't Miss Out!

Power Funnel
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