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With Power Scraper, you can instantly and automatically scrape tens of thousands of targeted emails from social media and use those to sell ANYTHING...
Amazing Features:
Crazy fast and hightly targeted email scraper designed for the sole purpose of going big and making huge money
Scrapes leads in a new and revolutionary way...from social media! No one else does this!
Competely ethical and safe. Our built in Safe Scrape Technology will ensure your emails get delivered and your accounts don't get banned
"Take our Mega Data Scraping Tool and put your entire marketing efforts on complete autopilot and make tons of cash! . (This is the very definition of Beach Money!)"
Look how easy Power Scraper is to use! You get tens of thousands of fresh emails in only four easy steps!
Step 1: Choose a Social Media Platform then check the box
Step 2: Enter Keyword and Location
Step 3: Click the Scrape Proxies / Scrape Emails button
Step 4: Download and Save Your Data
profile-photos-transFrom the desk of
Mike Jones and Gloria Gunn
Hi! My name is Gloria Gunn. I'm the co-owner of a software company called Dingosoft together with my partner, Mike Jones.
You can see is picture up above on the left. We create awesome software that helps our clients and customers build automated online businesses.

Our software is designed with two things in mind--ease of use and automated money making.
Let me tell you how we got the idea for Power Scraper.

How Power Scraper Came About

Our business is growing like wildfire, but like all entrepreneurs, we wanted more. We were heavy users of a number of different scrapers. Probably some of the ones you either own or have heard about. Unfortunately, they weren't doing the job for us!

Here's the problem. These "old gen" scrapers were all scraping leads that had been scraped time and time again. We just weren't getting that much out of these leads given the work we were putting in to this. Both Mike and I knew there had to be a better way!

One day Mike and I were brainstorming. (We screen share when we brainstorm.) I don't know where it came from but suddenly Mike had a flash of inspiration. He started manually searching social media platforms.

"Gloria! Do you see what I'm seeing?"

I did indeed! And, what I was seeing was a whole universe of new leads (emails) that no one else knew how to find!

"My God, Mike! Can we automated this?"

"I'm already on it," he said!

A few days (and nights) of hard work later Mike had the beta version ready to test.

Oh My God!

Well, you'll see when you purchase Power Scraper.

It really IS the next generation of lead scraping software!

Bottom Line - Here's the deal with Power Scraper: Mike created this software so that we could use it to build out huge lists to market our stuff too. When Mike finally turned it over to me to check out. I said, "Mike it's our moral obligation to share this beautiful piece of software to the world so others could use it and become financially free also". Power Scraper does a ton of stuff-

It scrapes Crazy fast and hightly targeted emails - designed for the sole purpose of going big and making huge money; Power Scraper also Scrapes leads in a new and revolutionary way...from Social Media! No one else does this! - Just as a quick reminder, Power Scraper is Competely ethical and safe. Our built in "Safe Scrape" Technology will ensure your emails get delivered and your accounts don't get banned
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Lets Recap
Now, Here's what you're getting when you purchase Power Scraper.

Power Scraper does what no other scraper does! Last Gen scrapers either use Google API or they scrape from Google searches. The problem with the API approach is that you're limited to only 50 emails. Well, that's just not going to cut it when you're doing cold email marketing. You need thousands!

The Google searches approach isn't much better, either! You're getting the same old tired leads that everyone else is using. Chances are the recipients host email platform has already banned emails from your autoresponder anyway. So, inboxing is going to be very low.

Not so with Power Scraper! These are fresh emails! In our own tests, our inboxing is through the roof. Makes sense. After all, aren't the emails you're putting on social media the ones you actually want to receive information with? Bottom line, with Power Scraper you get better inboxing and higher click throughs.

  • Our easy-to-use Mega Email Scraper Developed for Our Personal Use- Yes we are using it every day!

Complete Training on how to use Power Scraper

  • Module 1- What to do now that you bought PS
  • Module 2- How to Install PS
  • Module 3- Setting up your Scraping Plan
  • Module 4- Setting up DeathbyCaptcha
  • Module 5-Scraping in Power Scraper
  • Module 6-How to remove duplicates in excel
  • Module 7- How to create a Listwise account
  • Module 8- How to Verify your emails through listwise
  • Module 9- How to Set up a Sendgrid account
  • Module 10- How to write emails for your campaign
  • Module 11- how to set up your sendgrid campaign
  • Module 12- how to mail your list in sendgrid
  • Module 13- How to create a get response account
  • Module 14- How to create an optin form
  • Module 15 how to create landing page in get response
  • Module 16- How to create a campaign in Get Response
  • Module 17- How to create a free calendar system
As you can See, this is a total education on Massive List Building, Just the training alone is worth it! When You Purchase Power Scraper You Get the Scraper and All the Training you Need ...

 Try Power Scraper for 7-Days Risk Freemoney-back
We are so confident that you will absolutely love our software that we are offering a full 7-Day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee… We take all the risk so you don’t have to…

Let's Just Summarize of What you Get- You will get our personal cutting edge scraping software that scrapes highly accurate emails from social media not Google (no other scraper does that by the way). This is the scraper that we developed for our own personal use but decided to release it so that everyone could benefit. It is really our hope and desire that you use Power Scraper to build a huge list to sell a ton of stuff too! - Mike Jones & Gloria Gunn
P.S. Once you purchase, you’ll get an email from our membership site (Dingosoft.Net). Open that email and login to the members area. Next download the software. Once you install the software just pop in your email and password and you'll be good to go.

P.P.S Power Scraper is a piece of software that scrapes emails from social media that you can sell stuff to and make tons of cash!

P.P.P.S You get the software plus our professional level 17 module education and training on email marketing.

P.P.P.P.S You will have our 24 hours guaranteed response professional support for one year.
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